Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update on Katerina

God has again answered our prayers. Here's the update from Katerina's family.
Katie needed IV fluids and now has an NG tube, so she is doing very well now.  She’ll be in the hospital until tomorrow morning.  We have a story to tell and pictures to share, but there is no internet at the hospital where Susanna is.  We are seeing God working; than you so much for praying!  Adam arrived safely, but to an unexpected summons to join us at the hospital.  He will undertake the supervision of Katerina’s care from our Hotel room in the morning when she is released.
As you continue to pray, please consider all the people Katerina has been able to reveal truth to in the past 12 hours that were not included in the our original plan.  May God continue to do mighty works!

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