Saturday, February 9, 2013

All About Sam: Part 1

Not everyone is lucky enough to discover their life's passion at a young age. Some people struggle and search well into adulthood. But not my Sam.

Sam has found her passion.

Or is it an obsession?

Well, anyway. Sam. Loves. Water. 


And as she grows bigger and stronger, so grows the fierceness with which she loves her daily bath. Her splashing cannot hardly be described in words. This girl is a force when she is in the water. One might notice that there seems to be a correlation between the amount of fun had and the number of towels it takes to clean up afterward.

I've been working on teaching Samantha the word "gentle". I'll dip my hand into the water and delicately move it from side to side, singing softly, "gen-tle, gen-tle". Then I'll take her hand in mine and show her how to move in the water just like mommy does. For brief moments at a time, Sam seems to understand what I'm asking of her, but then adrenaline takes over and she must SPLASH!!!!

We've talked about water a lot at therapy. Our therapists are terrific and have come up with some great ideas...but none have worked quite yet. Mostly because Sam can't be distracted from her water. She doesn't want any toys, or wash cloths, or cups, or ANYTHING in her way. Just her and the water. 

So this last week I finally got smart and adapted our bath time routine in a way that works for Sam. In fact, she loves it. She's happy as a clam. 

The solution?

Don't fill the tub.

Yep, that's right. The best part of bath time anyway, as far as she's concerned, is when the water is running. So, why not just let it run? It's like a sitting shower. She splashes to her heart's content with almost none of the mess. 

When its not bath time (which, let's be honest, she wishes all day was bath time), she always seems to be able to find other equally fun (and wet) ways to pass the time. 

She loves to splash in the dog's water dish at Grammy and Papa's house. She has this act down to an art, splashing hard and fast as lightning before quickly leaving the scene of the crime. (It doesn't matter where that dish is. She will find it!)

And how about the toilet? Its like a tiny, always full bath tub. A worthy substitute. Ever since Sam discovered water I have been carefully attentive to her while in the bathroom, knowing that the toilet would be a problem if she ever noticed what was in it. Well, watch out! She's onto me. The toilet did not disappoint. (I do believe that bad boy is going to need a lock.)

Doing dishes with Mommy is always a welcome task, although we really need to work on sharing. Sam is usually quick to share, but please don't ask her to share her water! When we do dishes together, she is always shocked and appalled when it's my turn to use the faucet. And if anything goes wrong and she needs to be moved? Deep sadness ensues.

If there's no water to be found, a cup of coffee (or any liquid, really) will do. Before anyone comments with the ever helpful, "why don't you just keep your coffee where she can't reach it?", please kindly reconsider. I am pretty vigilant. She is just that good :)  I can turn my back for a second only to hear that ever familiar, "tap tap tap" followed by cream and sugared coffee goodness (and ceramic mug) flying through the air in slow motion. My white curtains have been victimized twice. (Once while there were 4 other adults in the room. Therapists, no less, who had come to evaluate her for school services.)

Whenever there is a lul in the action at our house, Sam can be found sitting, waiting, watching a faucet, just in case it turns on. She waits happily, unless she know's I am watching her :) Which reminds me that I should tell you about Sam's newest skill! She tried it out on me for the first time just a few days ago.

Sam had once again escaped to the bathroom to stare at the tub (our bathroom door doesn't always latch so well). When she noticed that I had followed her, she looked over at me, promptly stood up at the tub, stuck out that cute litte tongue, channeled her inner actress, and cried. So fake. But so cute. 

Can you tell how much fun this girl is? Or how much I love her? My goodness. So much it hurts.

I was looking at old pictures just a little while ago (you'll see a couple below), and I just cried, remembering the little girl I picked up just under 6 months ago. Scared, disoriented, hungry, stimming constantly with little relief. It's hard to believe she is the same child as the the happy, smiling, vivacious, life-filled little girl that I woke up to this morning. I am one blessed mama; that's for sure!

I labeled this post Part 1so I'd have to come back and write a 2, 3, and so on. So, I'll be back soon! Until then, lots of love to all of you.

Remember this photo? 

Sam was TERRIFIED of water. Even a sponge bath was too much for my little sweet pea.

But oh have times changed! This was after only a few weeks home, I believe.

And here, a brand new girl after only a few months. 

Excuse me? Can someone help me out here?

This IS a sink, isn't it? Where's the WATER???

Ah yes, thank you :)

I'd love to chat...

...some other time...

...I'm pretty busy with this awesome WATER!!!!

Oh yes, even better!

If I stand up just a little taller...



  1. You better watch out, pretty soon she'll be able to reach the faucet and turn it on all by herself ;) I've loved watching this girl blossom and experience new and fun things :) lots of love and prayers

  2. This post was fun to read, Grace! Sam is amazing me with her progress!

  3. Your posts are awesome....I lOVE hearing about Sam so please keep them coming.....

    She looks so and she are blessed to have been finally united....


  4. CUTE!-CUTE!-CUTE!!!