Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soon and Very Soon

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks!

  • I received my very first video of Baby Girl. May I just say that I was previously unaware my body was keeping that many tears in storage. Just the sight of her rendered me completely paralyzed. Of course I've seen her picture; I can see it in my sleep. But watching her move and breath, sitting up, pulling to a stand on the side of her crib, and looking intently at the camera...there's nothing else like it. Or there won't be, until the day I get to hold her. Oh, and she really seems to like people! You can hear a couple of women talking in Bulgarian in the background of the video, and it really seems like she is interested in them. I know my little girl has been neglected and sinned against for many years, so this small interaction gives me great hope!
  • I've been plugging away, finishing all the details of my home study. After what seems like months of fretting, the long awaited "home inspection" is now complete.  It went great, thanks to many WONDERFUL friends who helped to clean, do yard work, change electrical outlets, organize...the list goes on. I have a few pieces of paperwork left to collect, and several more hours of online class to complete...but the end is in sight! (the end of the home study, that is)
  • I've now begun working with Baby Girl's adoption agency. My application was approved on Thursday! So, now I'm hopefully only days away from the long-awaited completion of the commitment process. I'm also ready to begin compiling my dossier. I had my first taste of what this process will be like on Friday when I spent an unholy amount of time pouring over the instructions on an FBI website figuring out how to mail, apostille, etc., etc., my fingerprints. Whoa. Let's hope I get better at this stuff as time goes on!
  • I found out that there was has been a mix-up! And I'm told that this is a first for the agency. It so happens that there are two little girls with the same name and date of birth in the same of whom is my little girl. And while Baby Girl is still available for adoption, we now know that she had the wrong file attached to her picture. For this reason, she can not currently be viewed on the Reece's Rainbow site, and I cannot publish her picture. Please pray that her file can be put together quickly! I've chosen to continue moving forward without the file, so we don't lose any valuable time, leaving her to sit in a crib any longer than necessary. But there is information in that file that will be very helpful in preparing a home and proper care for her. And, I so badly want you all to see her sweet face!
Thank you all so much for your help and support. This little girl is already VERY loved. She has no idea, but God is on the move...for her.  Hang on, Baby Girl! I'm coming. Soon!

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  1. Grace, I am so thrilled to visit your blog and see the abundant love that you are already giving little Baby Girl. Just think, she has been invisible to the world, and now she has a mama coming for her. Once you have been where I have been, and seen what I have seen, there is a huge gratitude for all the love others have to give these little ones. Thank you for running down this path. I will pray for God to remove every barrier between you and Baby Girl!