Thursday, June 14, 2012

Faithful In ALL Things: A Big Update

Well, first things first!

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately. So many of you continue to pray regularly for Sam, to walk in honor of her, to share her story, to generously take care of me as I prepare for her. Thank you for loving us even when I disappear for a little while.

Its not that there hasn't been anything to share. Really, the problem has been that waiting is difficult, and it somehow makes feelings and experiences a challenge to articulate.

At any rate, I'm here now! And I am happy to catch you, my support system, up to date on all things Samantha.
  • God has been answering our prayers in some pretty amazing ways. For instance, one prayer I pray regularly is that God would supernaturally meet Sam's needs when the people entrusted to her care do not. I pray that she will be protected and comforted. I pray that Jesus will keep her company and that she would neither be alone nor feel lonely. I have PROOF now that God is answering that prayer. For three weeks in a row He sent loving women into the orphanage to touch her, love her, hold her. First, He sent 32 nursing students to care for the children of Pleven for 2 weeks! (Read about it here.) Then, He sent a dear, fellow adoptive mother to visit with Sam during a trip to visit her own daughter, Kolina. She reported to me that Sam was full of life, immediately putting her arms up to be held. Sam lives just a few doors down from Kolina's room, so my friend was able to visit her each day that week. Talk about an amazing, complete, very real answer to prayer!
  • A new director has been hired at the Pleven orphanage. She is one of the doctors who was previously employed by the orphanage, so to be completely honest, it is unclear whether she will implement the kind of change we have all been praying for.  However, I continue to believe that God can do whatever He wants. So I pray, and urge you to pray, that He would work in and through this new director. And pray that LIGHT will prevail in her heart and in that place.
  • You may remember that some friends of mine came in and remodeled my old kitchen. (Check out before pictures here and here.) These pictures are long overdue. I now have a much more functional kitchen including a window that allows me to see into the living/dining room, triple the counter space, clean and cleanable surfaces all around, AND, a dishwasher! Not to mention, they walled up the door that used to lead from the kitchen into Sam's room and created a new entrance in the hallway. Such a blessing. Thank you SO much to everyone who generously contributed both in financing this project and in donating many hours of your time. I know Sam and I will be blessed by this incredible gift!

  • Sam's bedroom is just about finished. And it is lovely. I can't wait for her to see it!

  • From a video my adoptive-mother-friend sent me of Sam (which I have watched incessantly over the last week and a half) it is clear that Sam remains in the same lonely room, in the same too-small crib she has been in for months. This video serves as a stark reminder to me that while Sam and I enjoyed a beautiful week together, and while she is cute as a button, smart, and hilariously funny...that following our visit she was returned to her previous circumstances. She continues to receive less than basic care from the orphanage staff. In the video her hair looked dirty and matted to her head. She was standing up in her crib, hamming it up and laughing for the camera, and just eating up the attention she was receiving. I can only imagine what she was doing ten minutes later when everyone was gone. That little girl who wants nothing more than to LIVE spends 24 hours a day in that cage. Alone. When we pray for her, that's the picture we should keep in our minds. The picture of a child behind bars, desperately longing for freedom day.
  • God has been faithfully speeding Sam's paperwork along. As I understand it tonight, we are now only waiting for a signature from the Minister before we can be submitted to wait for a court date.  While this sounds promising, I must tell you that the truth of the matter is that it is still highly unlikely that we will receive a court date before the dreaded court recess on July 15th. Waiting for a signature and a court date can take weeks. And honestly, we no longer have weeks to wait. The only hope we have for getting Sam home before the court recess is a miracle. Pure and simple. Sam will spend an additional two months in her cage if God does not reach down and intervene. It this possible? Do I believe God can do this? I really do. My hope and my faith are not perfect, but God has been so faithful to us I have NO reason not to believe that he could intervene for us again. Will you please pray with me that God will give us a miracle? He can do this!
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. They are like a tree not bothered by the heat or worried by longs months of drought. Their leaves stay green and they never stop producing fruit. Jeremiah 17:7-8

The following videos have been great reminders to me tonight. The first two were taken on our first day together. The last three were from our final two visits. Notice Sam's twitches, teeth grinding, and overall posture in the first two videos, and how relaxed and joy-filled she was after being loved for only a couple hours a day for five days. I can't wait to love her again in person. And forever.


  1. I pray for you and Samantha each night as I'm lying in bed. I will pray fervently that you get the court date before 7-15. God can most definitely do it, and I am praying He will! What wonderful answers to prayer you shared! God is at work, and I can't wait to see all that He has in store for you and Sam!

  2. the room is beautiful!

  3. I pray Sam will be home with you soon! I have fallen in love with your little girl and just cannot understand what the staff sees in her that makes her "less" She is absolutely beautiful and to be honest I have watched your videos several times myself b/c of how beautiful and amazing she is. Her bedroom is beautiful. I am currently adopting a little girl from another country in EE through RR as well.

  4. Grace, I am praying with you! I love Samantha, too, and it is so hard to think of her waiting there! Thank you so much for this update!

  5. Such an incredible difference in those videos! Just imagine how this sweet girl will thrive and grow when she is HOME... Amazing. Thank you for sharing her!

  6. Oh Dear GRACE...I have been praying and we will continue to pray here at the Carpenter house!!! LINA continues to grow and improve and is such a precious sweet little girl...I CAN NOT wait to see Sam in your arms forever! I keep forgetting to send our miles...we have quite a few by now!!!

    You also reminded me that I should write more about those 32 prayer warrior nursing students. OUR GOD IS AMAZING and HE IS BIG!! HE can get you that court date before July 15th! Praying and sending our love to you Grace...

    in Christ who is able...steph brian sasha ellianna avi and lina