Friday, September 7, 2012


Well, all I can say is that Miss Samantha is doing very well! 

I got an unexpected call from the doctor yesterday saying, "I just couldn't wait until Friday to tell you that Samantha's blood work came back looking marvelous!" Did you catch that? MARVELOUS! :) And I might even add, MIRACULOUS! How in the world can a little girl who was starved and neglected for seven years have positively normal lab results? ONLY GOD.

Today we laid low in the apartment. We ate, played, cuddled, ate, cuddled, played, giggled, and...ate. She has another appointment tomorrow, and I would guess she weighs over 26 pounds. Of course, I'll let you know.

And now that I know she has "healthy blood"we can rough house (well, sort of) without having to worry! This girl loves to be tickled, and startled, and bounced and spun. She's a wild child, I tell you!

It won't be long before she gives me a run for my money! Good thing I baby proofed long before she came home. When she's ready, this place is all hers! Run, Sammers, run! (Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe we could just start with a little mischief.)

I should really be sleeping.

Love to all of you.


  1. What a delightfully happy little imp! Could anyone but God have foreseen this a few months ago?

  2. I should be sleeping, too, but I'm so glad I got to see your update! Samantha is just captivating. I love how you can see her sweet dimples now that she's gaining weight...and she has a reason to smile! :-)

  3. How absolutely beautiful and - yes, DEFINITELY miraculous! Bless her little heart. And yours. Praising God for her good blood work and all those precious smiles!

  4. Reading this post is such a great way to start my morning off. :) Images of that happy face will not be far from my mind today!

  5. Great News about the bloodwork. However before you do much rough-housing (oh so fun) do have her spine xrayed for Atlantoaxial Instability. Check out these blogs, if you haven't already. and

    Have a blessed day with your beautiful daughter!

  6. Delightful, just delightful,..yeah mummy and Sammy!

  7. So precious! It is a joy to see this child healing and becoming whole, and to be given a little peak so that we can rejoice with you in what her Heavenly Father is doing for her. Thank you for posting and sharing with us. ~ Tharen

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  9. Love these photos; thanks for the update!! How did Sam's Dr. appt go? And I'm curious how well she's you mentioned that was initially not going so well. (-: