Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy (Almost) Birthday!!

Just a little over 24 hours left to get in on Tony's birthday giveaway!! Be sure to check it out, share it, and let me know if you donate...I'd sure love for you to win a prize! :)

The guidelines are here if you need a refresher.

Almost $800 has come in these last two weeks in Tony's honor. I wonder if we could get that number to read $1,400 by the close of the giveaway tomorrow?

$1,400 for my brave, spunky, awesome 14 year old little man...I think it's possible!

Two friends from the adoption community are running giveaways right now as well and have generously offered that anyone who donates toward Tony's giveaway can also enter their names for prizes from them as well. Follow the links below.

Time is ticking! Share. Pray. Give.

Happy (almost) birthday, Tony boy! We love you!


  1. I donated 10.00 Grace... Love you. Love your heart. Julia Nalle

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful boy! Much love to you and your Mama and sister, Mama is coming for you soon! You will never be alone again xoxoxooxo

  3. Happy birthday to your happy boy! Put us down to 2 entries. You know, prize wise, I'd love to give my lovely wife something sparkly or a date night :). - Elijah

  4. Happy birthday Tony! I donated the remaining $50 to get you to the goal of $1400.00! Heather Keno

  5. Two entries from me... Food gift cards make me happy, but not as happy as seeing Sam get her big brother home!! Happy Birthday, Tony :) - Amber