Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Winners! (And a peek at our sweet birthday celebration)

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Monday was Tony's birthday.

Sam didn't have school so we were able to spend the day together. Among other things, we took a trip to the grocery store to buy a box cake and some candles. 

As I was putting our groceries away, preparing to mix up the cake, my phone rang.

(Actually it was on silent. I just happened to walk past it and noticed it lighting up. Oops. Several missed calls!)

I answer.


"No, nothing too special. Although, I am going to make a cake!"

"What? (Tears.) No, I can save it for another time. Of course, yes we would love to come over! We'll be right there!"

As we were speaking, my friends were pulling a cake out of the oven.

A birthday cake.

And they had a beautiful birthday dinner cooking on the stove. 

There were presents and singing. And lots of love for a precious, precious boy who can't be home soon enough!

We are blessed.

And we're also blessed by all of you!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this giveaway such a wonderful success.

We surpassed my goal of $1,400!

No, really we did!!

Y'all gave an incredible $1,615.17!!!!


And as if that weren't enough...right at the end of the day, on Tony's 14th birthday, I was given a check for $1,400. $100 for every year of his precious life.

Bringing our total to a whopping $3,015.17!!!

God is so, so good. 

Susanna once said on her blog that she's seen God pour out money like water when it was needed. And I'm watching God do just that for my Tony. 

He deserves it, too. His freedom day has been a long time coming.

Thanks for saying yes to being used by God to bring that day even closer.

Please accept our small token of gratitude for the love you've shown us. If you see your name below, your name was drawn as a winner in our giveaway! To retrieve your prize, please send me an email with your full name and address and I'll contact our donors and get your prize on its way!

Esther -Starbucks Gift Card and Commuter Cup

Kristen - Heart Necklace

Daniel - Target Gift Card

Andrea G. - Choice of Restaurant Gift Card

Anna - Choice of Gift from Baruch's Lullaby

Margaret - Necklace

Heather K. - Jewelry Hanger

Michaela A. - Bounce House Rental

Lauren B. - Scentsy Warmer

Nicole N. - 5T PJs

Alicia S. - Your choice of $10 to Starbucks or Target

Amanda S. - Ultimate Body Applicator

Elijah - Red Lobster Giftcard

Psalm127Mommy - Embroidered Rose

Jeanine - Handmade Hanging Towel

Hazel - Handmade Hanging Towel

Elissa L - $18 to Hooked On Hope

Sarah W. - Choice of Gift from Baruch's Lullaby

Amber K. - Women's Shirt

Carr Family - 2T Girls Shirt

Debbie M. - Plastic Bag Dispenser

Cindy W. - Gift Card to Bed Bath and Beyond

Rachel D. - Tshirt from Basement Ink

Lots of love to all of you.


  1. God is so good! It gives me encouragement as I walk down the road of adoption.

    1. Yes, be encouraged, my friend! God will ALWAYS give you what you need. He is on the side of the orphan. Thank you so much for being his hands and feet to us.

  2. Oh my goodness Grace!!! This has my tears flowing, that is so touching how your friends made a birthday party for Tony!!!! And the money coming in! Yay Jesus!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Happy birthday Tony!
    I have made a little money from taking online surveys. I had the choice of giving to a charity or transfering it to my PayPal account. At first I wanted to give to a charity, but then I thought of you! PayPal it was! So now I donated the humble sum of $31 to you. (Not to brag, I'm just amazed what one can do with internet these days. I'm living in Sweden, BTW!) Good luck and keep us updated! When do you think you will make the first trip?
    Continuing to pray for you! //Anna H

  4. Got the 5t pajamas today :) thanks, Nicole