Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Favorite 7-Year-Old!

What a bittersweet day this is. Although I am thousands of miles away from Samantha, and unable to hold her or care for her today, this birthday still gives me cause to celebrate. I'm thankful today for Sam's life; that her birth mom chose to carry her to full term. I'm thankful that Sam's premature birth and low birthweight necessitated spending her first 3 months in the hospital (this is most likely the reason she is as healthy as she is). I'm thankful that God has moved many mountains on her behalf. I'm thankful that the day is approaching when I will be able to meet her, and hold her, and sing to her.

I'm thankful that Samantha is bringing light to what has been a difficult time of year for my family. (Check out my sister, Katie's, blog post today)

And I am thankful that this is the LAST birthday this sweet little girl will spend in an orphanage, in a crib, without love. Please pray for my little girl today, and every time you think of her. Your prayers are carrying her home! 

And pray also for all of the kiddos who wait for families to come and rescue them.  On the wall, behind my 7-year-old's birthday balloons, are the photo's of 17 children from Sam's orphanage. One beautiful little girl has made it home so far, and we pray each of these little ones will be following soon. Please pray especially for these children's health as many are very small and suffering from the effects of long-term malnutrition. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers and generosity. I've been excitedly watching that fundraising meter go up each day, and am so happy and confident that God is going to raise Sam's ransom. You all amaze me.

Keep telling people about March 4th! You all will not even believe everything God is doing on behalf of this event. It is so evident that He has a message He wants us to hear, and that this topic is close to His heart. Please come! And invite a friend. I know we will all be blessed.


  1. Hi Grace! It's been a while since I've checked in on any blogs but am so happy to see you're getting so close! I can't wait for you to finally meet your little girl!!

    1. Marianne! How wonderful to hear from you!!! You are such an important part of our story. Thanks for what you do!