Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Go Time! AND, Love's Ransom (The Event)

Friends and Family,

I am so happy to announce to all of you that it is now, officially, GO TIME!

Samantha's dossier is in Eastern Europe, just waiting to be translated and approved. And just as soon as that approval is written in ink, I'll be permitted to travel to meet her!

This means we may have only a matter of weeks left to raise Samantha's ransom. Possible? Yes! Absolutely, yes. 

God has been so faithful already in this matter (and in everything!) that I have no doubt He will do this.

If you are so led, here's how you can help...Please spread the word about this date: 

March 4th has significance for 2 very important reasons. (1) This is the goal I have set to be fully funded. This means, we need to raise $7,950 in the next 22 days. (2) My church and I will be hosting a celebration, to which I am so excited to invite all of you (and your moms, brothers, friends, cousins, dogs)!

Love's Ransom (The Event)will include a telling of Samantha's story-so-far, a time of worship led by guests from the Lincoln Berean College ministry, information from various agencies on how to help orphans around the world (including those right in our backyard), and of course, there will be lots of food and a birthday cake to celebrate sweet Samantha's 7th birthday! 

I anticipate that God is going to do GREAT THINGS through this event. Please consider joining us, and inviting anyone whose heart might benefit from hearing about the goodness of God, or who might be interested in learning more about the miracle of adoption. 

*If you know of anyone who is currently in the process of adoption, and who could use prayer/support, please email me with their story in 1-2 paragraphs and a photo of their family. I will make these profiles available to guests so we can help spread the word and help more precious children come home! 

**Click on the "Love's Ransom (The Event)" link for an address and map of the event.


  1. Grace...I have a family that could use prayers. Where would you like me to send the email with pictures of the family and the kids' story...they are from Haiti.

    Rachel (Melissa's friend from STL)

    1. Yes!! Please send to

  2. Yes!! Please send to