Monday, August 13, 2012

Gotcha Day! (By Katie)

Hi there friends and family! I know I promised a post today, but Sam is still holding out on sleep and I just can't focus. So for now, for those of you who don't have facebook, or may not have seen yet, here is a post from my lovely sister, Katie. Perhaps Sam will be interested in helping me blog tomorrow :)

We have Sam and all things considered, her transition from the orphanage to hotel went very well.  I have been alternating between staring at my computer screen & gazing at Gracie and Samantha playing on the bed next to me.  My mind is full; I took in a lot today and I am still trying to process it all.  I also feel a lot of pressure to make this post perfectly beautiful.  However, I am pretty tired and distracted by a certain little sprite, so this post will be mostly pictures and the words will come later.
Ready and waiting for Yavor (our driver/translator) to arrive.

The view from my window on the way to Pleven. 

A moment 12 months in the making.

Grace & Sam pictured with Sam's Baba.  It was clear to me that she loves Samantha and is going to miss her terribly. 

Shortly after being changed into her "going home" clothes.

Farewell Pleven and hello fresh air!!

She loved looking out the window of the car. 

She ate a bowl of cereal and fruit when we got to the hotel

and drank some formula like a champ.  We weren't sure how she would do so we were thrilled with this milestone.  

Today has been bitter sweet.  I have been watching in amazement as Grace has settled into her new role as mother as if she's been doing it for years.  On the other hand I am traumatized by what I saw at the orphanage and even by some of Sam's behaviors that were caused by years of neglect.  After I have time to process it all I will write down my thoughts.  Grace will blog later as well.  However, her hands are full at the moment.  :)


  1. OH the day I have been waiting for - for you Grace and Sam!!! I am praising the LORD!!!! PRAISE HIM!!!! Check out our blog to see the mind boggling transformation of LINA in 8 weeks...i can not wait to watch Sam thrive and grow and oh my...just no words!!

    Great job!!! Praise the LORD! LOVE YOU Christ,
    steph brian sasha ellianna avi and lina (2 months and 2 weeks out of PLEVEN!)

  2. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Congratulations, Sweet Samantha Girl! You will now know about the love of Jesus! Congratulations Grace on the adoption of your beautiful daughter!

  3. I have followed your journey for some time and want to welcome Grace to mommahood! What blessings abound!

    I can't think of a better match of two hearts than Sam and Grace! My prayers will continue to be with you all!

    Jane in California

  4. PRAISE THE LORD! That is all.