Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday In Bulgaria (By Katie)

Today's our last full day in Bulgaria!!! Here's Katie's post from yesterday :) And once again, feel free to follow her at
I started my day with some Samantha cuddles
Our translator picked us up promptly at 9:00 this morning for Samantha's medical check.  Grace strapped her into the carrier so she would feel secure & it worked like a charm.  She tolerated the ride to the clinic very well.  Once we arrived we had to wait and Samantha endured it . . . for awhile.  At the first sign of fussing Gracie gave her a treat; pedialyte.  She loves that stuff (and its so good for her)!  That worked temporarily, but as soon as the relief it brought wore off Samantha made it clear that she no longer wanted to be held.  Instead she wanted to flop, so flop she did.  Being the awesome mother she is, Gracie gave her the space she needed and before long she was feeling better.

When Samantha is feeling over stimulated she flops, like so. 

At this point it is best to give her some space. 
Our translator, Yavor, is very good with Samantha and she responds well to him.  He helped to distract her during the waiting.  Eventually we were called back and the doctor listened to her heart, felt her belly (this made her giggle), and . . . well that's about it.  As it turns out it wasn't much of a check up at all.  Once the doctor signed off on all the necessary paperwork we returned to the hotel to rest and have lunch.  

Yavor returned to the hotel at 1:00 to drive us to the United States Embassy.  It was wonderful to see the American flag and when I whipped out my camera to take a picture I was scolded.  Yes, in hindsight I can see why taking pictures at the embassy would be a no no.  Duly noted.  As it turns out, we had to endure more waiting and at one point it became too much for Samantha and she cried tears.  However, we gave her the space she needed and she rebounded pretty quickly.  Considering all of the stimulation she was subjected to today, she did wonderful.  Your prayers carried us through another leg of the journey and we thank you.  

Please continue to pray for Samantha's healing.  As we get to know her better, she is revealing the scars of a barbaric past.  However, every day she is also proving how strong she is and we continue to be humbled by the love and support you have showered upon her.  God is good and I see Him every day in Samantha Love.


  1. Yes that is a very long day for the kiddos. She is looking wonderful and I'm so glad that she likes the Pedialyte. Aleshia loved it too and still drinks it. :)

    Grace, you are doing great!!!! Motherhood is definitely your thing!

  2. Dear Grace, I am home now and catching up, and wanted you to know I prayed for you as you began your journey of life with Sam this week, and will continue. You are on my mind today as you make the long trip HOME. Thank you so much for the detailed updates, as it helps me to know exactly how to pray. So much of what you're describing looks and sounds SO familiar to me. You and Sam are very close to my heart. Sending so much love! Please email anytime!

  3. Congratulations and I am just posting to make sure you know to work on getting her out of that W-sitting position as so many people don't realize how bad that is.

  4. I hope you and Sam are settling into your new routine! Looking forward to the next update and more pics of that sweet face!!

  5. Hope you are doing well! Hugs

  6. This is one of my favorite love stories.

  7. Hi Grace and Sam, hope you are settling in, i guess you must be home now. Home, how cool is take care and enjoy getting to know your daughter... :-)