Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How Blessed Are We?

I'm sorry it took me so long to say it, but...

We are home!!!

And what a journey it has been already.

The honest-to-goodness reason its taken me so long to write this post is because I can't take my eyes off of Miss Sam. For as long as she's awake, I just can't bring myself to look away long enough to write. 

When Sam was an infant, she wasn't anyone's "baby". No one stared at her all day or fussed about every cute little move she made. But now! Now she's my baby. And we've got time to make up for. 

So far this week, it's been my motto to try and sleep whenever Sam is sleeping. I brought home another nasty cold from Bulgaria, so that along with the jet lag has left me a little under the weather. But tonight I'm on the mend, so after Sam closed her eyes I was able to tidy up a bit and now update all of you!

Rather than write one long fluid update (which would require more brain juice than I've got), I'll just speak to a few things I know ya'll would like to know. 

So here goes:

What has been your greatest joy so far?

Hands down, there is nothing better than seeing Sam smile and hearing her laugh. Before our bedtime story tonight, I was getting Sam dressed on my bed. I bounced the mattress and tickled her until she was laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes. She has the best laugh!!! 

And, its just the best kind of relief to have her home, under my roof, never to go back to that place again. I can hardly believe she's finally here.

What is your greatest challenge?

I find myself feeling sad from time to time thinking about all that she has been through and wondering how much of it she'll remember. Sometimes she cries without explanation and this breaks my heart as well. She has suffered so much, I can only imagine...

What are some of Sam's like's and dislikes?

Sam loves dry diapers, kisses from Mommy, pediayte of any flavor, bouncing in her jumper, drumming, koosh balls, looking out and knocking on the window, and listening to Jesus music.

She could live without baths, crowds of people, and naps.

Have you been to see a doctor yet?

We had our first doctors appointment on Monday and Sam was such a trooper! We spent the visit mostly chatting about my observations thus far and some very basic check up items. I was relieved to find out that her throat does not seem to be something we need to deal with right away. Her adenoids may be slightly inflamed, but this does not seem to be the cause of her digging in her throat. The doctor feels that this is probably a self-stimulation.

Sam's stats were off from what I'd been told. In Bulgaria, she was measured at 26 pounds, 36 inches tall. In actuality she is 23.1 pounds, 38 inches tall. Not to mention...the poop Sam had been working on for days came out at the doctors office...which would have probably put her under 23 pounds. 

Are you happy?

I cannot adequately describe what it feels like to be doing something I know with all of my heart I am supposed to be doing.  Sam is an absolute treasure and a gift from the Lord. Being her mommy is the best job in the entire world. 

And now, what I know ya'll are all waiting

Finally arriving in Lincoln after a loooong delay in Chicago. Poor Sammers was so tired and out of sorts.
A few close friends and family came to meet us.

Here's my daddy getting a look at Sam.

I bawled like a baby. So tired and relieve to finally be home!
I'm so glad my brother-in-law caught this photo of the kids all gathering to get a look at Sam.
Here's Sammers on her first day home, checking out her new toys.

She was really drawn to this one.
My family came over to meet Sam officially (they had only seen her crying, and very briefly a that).
Meeting cousin Audrey
Her dog, Frank, is already quite protective of her.

With her Grammy
Meeting cousin Madeleine
Meeting Madi

Meeting Aunt Natalie

Meeting Uncle Steve
First "bath" at home
Grammy caught this photo of her having fun in her jumper
Hanging out with Papa
This video is adorable. She's drumming with Papa.

Look at the way she's looking at him :)


  1. Hey, Grace. I haven't posted yet, but I was following along last week as you brought Sam home and have been eagerly awaiting an update. I love hearing how you have just been too entranced with your new daughter to have time for blogging. :) Enjoy every sweet moment together. Sam is beautiful, and you are both so blessed.

  2. ditto to the above comments. Congratulations! so happy for you!

  3. You are a natural mommy. From the moment you first met Sam till now, you have those maternal instincts and are doing what's best for Sam. I want you to know that I'm proud of you for the decisions you've made, including not taking visitors when Sam's already overstimulated :) Love you friend and you truly are both blessed to have one another and a God who loves you both so much!

  4. Congratulations on FINALLY bringing home your baby girl! :O) Keep those pictures and updates coming!!

  5. Oh I'm so happy; tears of joy! What a blessing - no more orphanage for that little girl - her soul can burst free now. Thank GOd!

  6. I have been following your story for a while. I am a single mother of a daughter w FAS from Russia. I had the same reaction of returning home w my daughter as you as for crying your eyes out from physical and emotional exhaustion. Good luck and get services started ASAP.
    St. Louis, MO

  7. Oh how my heart leaps with joy for the love and life Sam will now know. I loved all the pictures, but especially the one with your dad meeting her:)

  8. Oh my goodness....LOVE the update!!!!

    Sam's smile melts my heart!!!!!

  9. OK sister made me cry!!! LOVE you and SAM!!
    steph brian sasha ellianna avi and lina (pray for AJ PLEASE!)

  10. I came here from the living proof blog where your mom commented and wanted to say I am praying through tears as I read back through your story. What an amazing example of God's love for us you are. Praying God will continue to give you strength, peace and rest . Love the picture of Sam and her grandpa.