Thursday, January 5, 2012

He's Made A Way For Us To Walk In

As promised, there are some incredible ways that we can now help all of the children in Samantha's orphanage. ALL of them!

The Baba Programme would be a GREAT place to start. In fact, before you read the rest of this post, please go and read this page of their website, under the title, "We Can Make A Difference". Seriously. Please read it. 

Although the Baba Programme is not a complete solution to such a deep need, it is a great start! 10 hours a week with a grandmother-type-figure may just be enough to help some of these little ones hang on until a forever family comes to find them. On days when the children are visited by their baba, they will receive an extra diaper change. They'll be gently cleaned and held, talked to and loved. They may receive gifts from the baba's home. They'll be given extra (very much needed) food.

I'd say a donation to the Baba Programme is money well spent!

The INCREDIBLE mothers from my yahoo group have uncovered some other ways we can help, in addition to the Baba Programme. For more information, please email Stephanie at

And of course, it goes without saying that the very best thing we can do for these children is work toward bringing them home.

  • Please continue to pray that families would line up to receive each and every child upon their release. 
  • Consider helping to financially support families who are bringing children home.
  • And, if the Lord is stirring your heart, please heed his voice and consider opening your heart and home.

Thank you again and again for everything you all are doing for Samantha. My heart is full!

Love to you all.

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