Saturday, January 14, 2012

URGENT! Pray-ers Needed. Please Spread the Word.

I received some troubling news tonight.

I've been praying all day today, and will continue to pray constantly until Wednesday.

Now to add more and more faithful people to our numbers.

We need as many people as possible on their knees before the Hope of the World. The lives of MANY children depend on it.

Pray in the Spirit.

Pray without ceasing.

HE knows the details.


  1. I just want to let you know that I have heard your call for prayers and I am on my knees praying with you. Rarely have I ever felt this humble before God. Those times I can remember in the past, were times of desperation, times of emergency, such as this one is now. I will pray. I will pray without ceasing. My entire congregation will pray. I have already submitted a prayer request for all the children in need around the world. God knows our prayer. You are not alone on this walk to bring your little girl home. I am praying for you, for her, and for all the children like her... and I can't wait to see the day you're able to post that Samantha is home.

  2. Katie, thank you so much. What a beautiful, very humbling thought to know that a lovely young woman, who I haven't even had the chance to meet (!) is on her knees for my daughter. You are a blessing, and I'm thankful for you and your commpassionate heart. I hope to be able to share good news with you very soon!