Monday, April 9, 2012

Change. Is. COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our months of praying...

Their YEARS of waiting. In agony...

God is making sense of it all.

We KNOW He's been working on this since the very first cries went up. (Read Daniel 10). But NOW, prepare to see the fruit of our prayers, the fruit of HIS labor. The battle is raging on, and a victor has been declared.

JESUS CHRIST, risen from the dead, Savior of the world, defender of orphans... ALL GLORY BE TO YOU!!!!!!

Read the full story here.

And that's not all!!! One of our beloved Pleven families received a court date today in what seems to be record time!!! AND, little Carissa has a family. Sarah has a family seriously working toward committing to her. And GOD IS IN THE PROCESS OF WORKING A MIRACLE FOR SAM!!

Please don't stop praying!!! We are weak, but HE is strong and able! Pray that Sam can come home SOON!!!!!! And continue to pray for her protection and wellbeing in the meantime.

Also, there continues to be MANY meaningful ways for us to care for the orphans of Pleven. Please visit this blog to learn how you can help to provide the care of 10 nurses for 6 months at the Pleven orphanage. Or read this post to see how you can still contribute toward diapers and nutrition. Or, send me an email @ if you would like to contribute toward buying formula or diapers to be given while I'm in Bulgaria this month.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!

Love to all of you.

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