Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sarah...Only Weeks Left To Find a Family

Little Sarah still needs a family, friends. And if she doesn't find one within the next few weeks, the Bulgarian government is going to take her file back and she will lose her chance. She will be locked away in an institution for life.

Sarah has grown up in the same facility as Samantha. She has literally never known love, in all of her 6 years on this earth. Please please please pray for Sarah. There is so much more to this life that what she knows. Pray she will get a chance to see that there is good in the world. And pray that the Bulgarian government will see Sarah, and all other adoptable children from Pleven, being snatched up by loving families, so they can begin to understand that these children have worth!

Our love for the children of Pleven is a beautiful picture of Jesus for all of Bulgaria to see. Let's raise the banner high today and show Jesus' love for Sarah.

Here is her precious little face one more time. Pray that her mom and dad find her TODAY!!!

Read more about Sarah here. If you are interested in adopting Sarah, please contact Reece's Rainbow.

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