Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grab A Box Of Kleenex For This One

Adeye is famous in the adoption community. Her blog attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors with each post. She advocates for orphans as a way of life. She and her husband Anthony have adopted 4 orphaned little girls, one of whom came home from Ukraine at 5 years old, weighing 15 pounds.

You will NOT BELIEVE what Adeye and Anthony are up to now!! 

The tears keep coming today as I think about it. God is writing a magnificent story, and I can hardly believe that He is allowing me to be part of it. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

Now let's keep praying until EVERY captive from Pleven is RELEASED!! God is doing this, friends! He is good!!!

Praise the one who breaks the darkness
with a liberating light.
Praise the one who frees the prisoners,
turning blindness into sight.

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